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Agile Project Management

A novel project management technique characterized by division of tasks into short phases of work and frequent reassessments and adaptation of plans. Agile by scrum then requires that the known project is broken down into smaller manageable tasks assigned to multiple small guided teams working in an intensive and interdependent manner. These chunks of tasks are completed and signed off in short iterations throughout the project life cycle with the flexibility to address evolving challenges as they are arise.


Scrum is a framework of rules, roles, events, and artifacts used to implement Agile projects. It involves various activities: Sprint planning, Daily scrum, Sprint review, Sprint retrospective.
  • Product backlog – Defines what is needed to complete the entire project
  • Sprint backlog- Activities/ Tasks that should be completed in a sprint
  • To do: Daily tasks to be completed Review/Done: completed tasks
  • In progress: all ongoing tasks Impediments: Challenges encountered during the process.

Multiple Project Types

HCM easy manages projects in both individual and team scope. The process commence with an employee stating the project type to be accomplished as indicated by the screenshot.

Stakeholder and Clients in Projects

Upon completing registering the project type, register the client or the stakeholders to the system. This assists in tracking the project ownership to a particular client.

Add Staff to Specific Project

The next step is to add all concerned employees to the project based on their job descriptions. However, HCM does not limit multiple assignment of projects to an employee. This really enhances the relevance of HCM as one of the best HR systems out there.

Project Phases

We all can agree that it's quite challenging to carry out projects to completion blindly without a plan. Therefore, implementing it using phases is one of the best plan. Fortunately, HCM uses this technique of planning where phases are set,stating when the phase should begin, end and the cost as shown on the screenshot.

Add Tasks To The Phases

Finally,the team selected break the phase further to tasks for each assigned employee. Upon identifying tasks, each employee creates tasks in that phase with the deadline identical to that of the phase or less depending on the team agreement. On completing the task before the task deadline, the employee updates the task end date, selects the task as 'complete' and working hours taken from phase start date as shown. The whole process can be replicated for other phases set.

Project Reports

HCM tracks employee activities by creating reports of all projects type and name implemented in the company and tasks carried out by individual employee. The screenshot shows only one of the generated reports by HCM to the HR of all employees assigned to a particular project.