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There's need to keep a track of all employees, their attendance, overtime, performance linked incentives, leave, expense reimbursements as well as various deductions mandated by labour and income tax laws as an organization grows. Salary calculations should be efficient enough to provision for any investments that employees make, entitling them to various tax exemptions provided by the Government. The entire process becomes extremely cumbersome and any errors have serious implications in terms of interest and penalties for delayed statutory compliance as well low output by the employees.


Capture and archive employee information. This information include personal contact details, family, bank and medical history.

Monthly Payroll

Payroll has the ability to generate a payslip for a specific employee. This is visible to both the employee and hr team. The payslip can also be exported in either excel or pdf.

Payroll Report

Payroll has a view of all employees’ salary per department. The report is only visible to the hr team and can be exported to either excel or pdf.


Structured and managed employer to employee loans. Trackable and undisputable records.