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Every organization has a need for HR Software to reliably track time and attendances of their employees, to maintain a record of hours spent by them on their job in order to ensure they are compensated accordingly.

Clock In / Out

With HCM, employees are able to clock in, register break periods, and clock out after the workday is complete.

Shift Management

Shift enables you to allocate employees to different shifts each day. Work duration of an employee is calculated based on Clock in/out times and shift assigned to the employee for the day.

Work Schedule

HCM allows you to create and manage multiple work schedules for employees which allow them to start and end their days at different times.

Attendance Management

HCM accomplishes time management by having a section where all employees update their daily time in and out of the office. This ensures that the company meets both long and short term goals thereby improving efficiency and profitability.

Attendance Report

HCM generates report of current weekly attendance of all active employees. This simplifies work for the HR for monitoring employee commitment to the company without necessarily asking other employees for updates of all those who aren't committed which might result to uncosy work environment

Attendance Period Report

HCM provide tailored reports and analytics using the system’s data. It provides attendance-related reports, and offers insights into hours worked, shift patterns, and so on with a view to constantly improving productivity.

Access Logs Report

Detailed access logs with HCM are available to administrators. The system logs every time a user signs in, or attempts to and also note a number of data items including the IP address of the connection.